El Cheapo Sleeper

If you’re planning an epic adventure around Australia, but think you can’t afford a campervan, think again! With our El Cheapo Sleeper, you can skip the buses and cheap dorm rooms, and experience the freedom of a bed on wheels. Sweet! 

Our El Cheapo Sleeper sleeps two and has a kitchen in the boot. Cooking in your camper is another way to save your cash for awesome Australian attractions. We also supply you with a bedding kit, kitchen kit, and even cleaning equipment, so you’re ready just to GO. And we offer unlimited mileage!  

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Key features

Sleeps 2
Curtains on all windows
Sink with tap and drain
10-litre water tank
Portable gas cooker

Included with the vehicle

  • Duvet, pillows, and sheets
  • Airport shuttle transfers
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Unlimited kilometres
  • Bucket and cleaning equipment
  • Kitchen utensils, plus can and bottle opener
  • Frying pan, saucepan, and kettle
  • All cutlery, dinnerware, and bowls
  • Towels and tea towel

Nothing says freedom more than a campervan trip across Australia. Especially when you can do it all on a budget!  

Our JUCY El Cheapo Sleeper campervan is our no-frills model. Much like 60 is no longer considered old; the El Cheapo has done a few miles around Australia already. Pre-loved yes, but still with a ton of miles (and fun) left in them 

To ensure your trip costs are as cheap as possible, we also kit you out with full bedding kits. Plus, 24/7 roadside assistance and supplies for the kitchen (bacon buttie at sunrise, anyone?)Oooh, and unlimited kilometres means unlimited potential.  

Go far with JUCY! 

  • Portable gas cooker
  • Sink with tap and drain
  • Esky/chilly bin
  • 10-litre water tank
  • CD player and radio
  • 2 bench seats
  • Seats convert to a double bed
  • Curtains on all windows
  • Storage space under bench seats
  • Power steering
  • ABS brakes
  • Air conditioning
  • Automatic
  • Petrol engine
Included with your campervan
  • Duvet, pillows, and sheets
  • Towels and tea towel
  • All cutlery, dinnerware, and bowls
  • Frying pan, saucepan, and kettle
  • Kitchen utensils, plus can and bottle opener
  • Bucket and cleaning equipment
  • Unlimited kilometres
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Airport shuttle transfers
  • GPS satellite navigation
  • Camping chairs
  • Camping tables
  • Additional drivers
Vehicle Toyota Tarago
Seats 2 x seatbelts
Sleeps 2 (1 double bed)
Engine size 2.2-2.4 litre
Fuel tank 60 litres
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission Automatic
Length 4.7m
Width 1.6m
Height 1.8m
Interior height 1.2m
Beds Double bed 1.8m x 1.3m

*If using a debit card, a $300 security bond is required even with Stress Free & Stress Free Plus


  • For hires of 51 days and over, a maximum of 50 days excess reduction premium will be charged.
  • It is your responsibility to collect accurate third party details in the event of an accident, regardless of what excess reduction cover you have taken, and regardless also of fault.
  • If Stress Free Plus excess reduction is not taken, and roof/rooftop pod damage or single vehicle rollover incident occurs, a charge of up to $5,000 will apply to cover damage to the JUCY vehicle and any third party vehicle and/or property.
  • If Risk Taker excess reduction is chosen:
    • A bond to cover the excess will be pre-authorised for security on the hirer’s credit card, even if you have alternative insurance with another provider. 
    • All or part of this bond will be claimed by JUCY in the event of an accident and will be retained until the value of the damage is determined. Any balance between the bond and the damage cost will be returned as soon as is practical.
    • Any costs to repair damage caused by a third party may not be recoverable as insurance is not compulsory in Australia.
  • If you are on Stress Free or Stress Free plus and don't have a credit card and are providing a debit card at the time of pickup, JUCY will hold a $300 security bond to cover any infringements and/or charges that may occur whilst on hire e.g. Tolls, speeding fines, cleaning fees, camping fines etc. 
  • JUCY’s excess reduction options are null and void if any of the Rental Agreement terms and conditions are breached, in which case you will be liable for the full cost of damage. For more information please see JUCY Ts & Cs.
  • Please know that the bond we have authorized will automatically be released (if you haven't broken any JUCY T&Cs) either 7 days after you've picked up or 48 hours after you've dropped off– whichever is the earliest. You could notice it takes between 7 - 30 business days to show back up, which is all depending on your bank/card provider.  Please note that once it's back safely in your bank it won't appear as a refund on your statement because it was only held as an authorisation. 

Other campervan options

Experience Australia on a budget with our El Cheapo Sleeper

Ready to explore Australia on your own timetable? Great, because our El Cheapo Sleeper gives you the freedom to explore wherever your heart desires.  

How about waking up with kangaroos chowing breakfast outside your campervan in South Australia’s Deep Creek Conservation Park? Or watching the sunrise along the Great Ocean Road as you cook up a feast in your camper’s kitchen? Or hearing that the aurora australis (the southern lights) are likely coming out tonight and spontaneously heading to a dark sky area to catch them? A front-row view of a shimmying pink-and-purple night sky sounds pretty magical to us.  

Those fairytale-like moments, whatever unfolds for you, are why we’re in the business of road trips. The spontaneity, the flexibility, and the discovery of new places.  

To help your Australian roadie along, we give you a ton of supplies, at no extra cost. We’ll provide the bedding, kitchen, and cleaning supplies; you add your fave snacks and campervan groceries to your Esky, and you’re off! Oooh, don’t forget to create an epic road trip playlist, too!  

If you’re ready to experience the best of Australia, whether it’s on a short trip or a classic long-distance adventure, give us a call on 1800 150 850 or book online.  

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