Save with our campervan relocation specials

Got a flexible itinerary and love to save your Aussie dollars for activities? Great! Our relocation deals can save you heaps when you drive one of our campervans between branches. From as low as $1 a day!

Enjoy our campervan relocation deals in Australia

How does it work?

A relocation deal may sound as mythical as a unicorn that poops glitter, but it’s not! Though they do go fast, so if you see one of our relocation unicorns, book it right away! 

Think of the low costs (sometimes only $1 a day) as a mates rate for helping us to get one of our campervans moved between branches. We’ll let you know what dates you can take our camper on the road, and how many days you can travel for, but the rest is up to you! We even ensure you’ve got unlimited mileage as there’s no fun in driving in just the direct route.

Our relocation deals often come with a full tank of gas to get you started. Plus, you’ll be covered with our Risk Taker Insurance, which has a bond of $3,000 held on your credit card. Not keen on that? You’re welcome to upgrade to our Stress Free cover to reduce your bond to $0. Neat! It’s probably clear, but we have to say it, terms and conditions apply.



So what to do when you see a deal? First up, act fast! This is not a time to procrastinate. If you have the flexibility and you’re cool with travelling one-way, then click ‘Book Deal’ faster than you’d retract that Snapchat you didn’t mean to ‘send all’.

Booking your JUCY campervan relocation deal is as easy as finding a surfer on the Gold Coast. Get started by clicking ‘Book Deal’.

A heads up, if you can’t see a relocation deal then you either just missed out, or all our campervans are in the right place right now. Don’t give up. This is where you need the perseverance of a shopper in an antique store. Trust the bargain will come! Bookmark this page, and check back regularly, particularly if you’re open with your travel dates.