Campervan Hire at Gold Coast Airport

Get on the road in a JUCY campervan and uncover the region on your terms. Head into the Gold Coast hinterland, soak up the beach vibes, or turn off the GPS and get lost for fun. There are no bad turns when you travel around Australia’s Gold Coast and beyond! 

Located only minutes from Gold Coast Airport, we make it easy for you to get on the road and explore! 


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Address: 37 McLean Street, Coolangatta 
Reservations:  1800 150 850 
Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm 
Saturday 9am to 4pm 
Sunday 9am to 2pm

Please note we are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Eve.


Your JUCY campervan options

JUCY campervans at Gold Coast Airport

We have an is-this-real-life Gold Coast Airport branch. Yeah, it’s only minutes from the airport, but it’s also only a block from the beach! Pick up happy vibes along with your campervan when you visit us here.   

Our awesome JUCY crew is not just on hand to brag about the beach; they also have pro tips on many road trips. We love sharing travel advice.  

And that’s not all we offer. We also chuck in kitchen and bedding kits, unlimited miles (we won’t hold you back!), and 24/7 roadside assistance.  

If that’s enough to make you say ‘heck yeah’, then grab a quote or book online, or give our crew a call on 1800 150 850.

We’re all about your road trip – that’s why we have a free shuttle bus to take you from Gold Coast Airport to our nearby branch to get you on the road faster. Here’s what you need to know to pick up your JUCY wheels: 

  • Once you have cleared customs at Gold Coast Airport and have your bag, give us a call. Dial 1800 150 850, then option 1, then 3. You’ll need to head to the shuttle waiting area (it’s signposted) and keep an eye out for us. To be honest, it’s pretty hard to miss our green and purple van!  
  • Our last Gold Coast Airport shuttle for campervan pick-ups is 1 hour before closing time. And for drop-offs, we recommend adding at least 45 minutes to the time you need to be at the airport.  
  • If you are making your way from downtown Gold Coast or Byron Bay, the SkyBus offers the cheapest options to the airport. From there, call us for our free shuttle (as above). Alternatively, an Uber or cab will get you there for around $40-50 from the GC, or approximately $100 from Byron.
jucy airport shuttle

Wow. It’s time. Time for whatever adventure you’ve planned to begin. As much as we’d love to think you want to hang with us, we know it’s all about your camper and the Australian road.  

This is what will happen when you come to pick up yours: 

  • Did you land at Gold Coast Airport? If so, we offer a free shuttle bus ride. Check the tab to the left to read all about it.  
  • How does a warm JUCY welcome, a bit of paperwork, and a detailed show-through of your campervan sound? Cool! The magic is in the last part where you learn all about your home-on-wheels for your Australian travels.  
  • Did you know we offer free travel advice, on top of a range of other bonuses? Before you set off, take the chance to fill in any missing gaps, or get some local intel. All of us at JUCY is passionate about trips, especially the road kind! 
  • Please arrive at the branch at least one hour before closing time. This is the last time slot for campervan pick-ups.  

We do not offer after-hours pick-ups for campervans at our Gold Coast Airport branch.

picking up vehicle 2

When you say goodbye to your best travelling bud (aka your JUC Y camper), it’s got to be swift. Here’s how we pull that Band-Aid off with our speedy drop off procedures: 

  • Drive to 37 McLean Street in Coolangatta. 
  • Be sure you’re fuelled up before you drop off your campervan. The nearest petrol station is at 61-65 Wharf Street, Tweed Heads NSW 2485.  
  • Once at the branch, check the campervan for all your belongings. Like, all of them (check under the seats, we always find some gems there). We’d love it if you can clear out any rubbish too. Might as well hide the evidence of all those road trip Aussie meat pies, right?  
  • Find a member of our crew and hand over your keys.  
  • Hop aboard the next free JUCY shuttle to the airport. Tag us #jucyworld in any Insta-pics so it’s not a true goodbye.  

We, unfortunately, don’t offer after-hours campervan drop-offs as our Gold Coast Airport branch.

dropping off vehicle 1

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The freedom of a JUCY campervan from Australia’s Gold Coast

Oh, the places you’ll go. You’ve been dreaming of an Australian road trip since forever ago. When you close your eyes, you can smell the Gold Coast surf, hear the birdsong in the nearby hinterlands. You’ve scoured #goldcoast hashtags for inspiration, memorised cafes, and restaurants, and theme parks to visit. You’ve mapped the road you want to drive. You’re ready.   

So are we. With close to two decades in the campervan business, we know how to prep an epic trip for you 

It starts with five awesome campervan models to hire. We have a van to suit your budget and group size, from the inexpensive El Cheapo to the family-sized Condo.  

It’s not only the campervan! You’ll also receive a kitchen and bedding kit at no extra chargeOnce you’ve stowed your luggage and stocked up the fridge, you’re road trip ready.  

You’ll also get unlimited miles. It’s up to you if you stay close to the Gold Coast, or decide on a cross-country escapade. We’re not big on holding back, either.  

We also have a passion for sharing free trip advice, via our well-travelled JUCY crew, or on our website. Go to the Get Inspired page to access itineraries and blog posts. There are even campground recipes to save you from eating Vegemite on crackers for every meal (you’re welcome).  

Your home-on-wheels becomes your access point to stunning beaches, the Aussie bush, outback outposts, and wildlife to write home about. Better practice your handwriting for those postcards to mum! 

If you’re ready to get that bucket list trip locked in, we recommend booking ahead for any summer travel plans as we do sell out. To get your camper sorted, book here on our website, or call us on 1800 150 850.