New Zealand Driving Tips

We want to make sure every JUCY customer has a safe and fun road trip holiday while in New Zealand. For overseas drivers, this can mean learning how to adjust to New Zealand's road rules and understanding some of the risks involved with local conditions and roads. We've put together these resources and safe driving tips to help you make sure you’re equipped for driving on New Zealand’s roads.


We want to make sure every driver is adequately prepared and understands what’s different about driving in New Zealand. We recommend that you visit the AA’s visiting Driver training programme and complete the training programme before you leave home. It’ll help you understand the NZ road rules and the typical road conditions you will experience here in New Zealand.

You can print a ‘certificate of completion’ and then present it to our rental desk to show you have taken steps to prepare yourself for driving in New Zealand. As a way to say thanks for helping to keep our roads safe, we will give you $10 towards additional items when you pick up your JUCY wheels at our branch. 


It’s important to us at JUCY that you have a safe journey while visiting New Zealand. Please take the time to review the Drive Safe website so you can better understand New Zealand road rules and driving conditions (it's available in different languages).

The most important rule - always remember to keep left!

More Information is available on the Drivesafe website


If your license is not in English then you will need an International Driver Permit or a Certified Translation of your Driver Licence. This must accompany your original home country Driver Licence. It is mandatory by New Zealand law that you produce a driver licence in English when renting your JUCY vehicle, we have teamed up with the crew at Language Links to get this sorted for you. Language Links can translate your licence  at a special discounted price.