The Condo Campervan

4-Berth Campervan Hire

Put your hands up if you wanna stand up! Thanks to our smart customisation, our Condo campervan gives you the on-road manoeuvrability of a minivan, with the feel and space of a larger RV.

It’s not just the nifty ’upstairs’ bed space and lower bottom bed for two that we custom-make. We also added a cool kitchen, plus a dining space for whatever campground feast you prepare.

We’re not stingy on the amenities, either. We include a full kitchen kit, along with bedding and towels. Unlimited mileage is included for free, too!

Please note, vehicle type or colour may appear slightly different to what is shown.

Key features

Sleeps 4
Curtains on all windows
Ceramic Cook top or Portable Gas Cooker
Fresh and grey water tanks
80-litre fridge

Included with the vehicle

  • Duvet, pillows, and sheets
  • Airport shuttle transfers
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Unlimited kilometres
  • Bucket and cleaning equipment
  • Kitchen equipment and utensils
  • All cutlery and dinnerware
  • Towels and tea towel

We’re as crazy about campervan features, as Kanye is about sneakers. We get giddy every time we come up with a new way to add more space-saving features. Camper-geeks, we know!

This translates to you as a ton of cool discovery moments in your JUCY Condo. We love seeing your face during a vehicle show-through of our popular 4-berth campervan, especially when we show you create two beds from thin air!

You’ll also find magic as you cook your first campervan meal. Or in that dining room selfie. And it’s definitely ‘a moment’ as you enjoy nibbles from the outside dining table at sunset.

These moments are why we do what we do. We’re so happy to share them with you.

  • Seats 5
  • Sleeps 4
  • 2 bench seats
  • Inside and outside table
  • 80-litre fridge
  • Ceramic Cook top or Portable Gas Cooker
  • Sink with tap and drain
  • 55-litre fresh water tank
  • 60-litre grey water tank
  • Portable toilet (on request)
  • CD player and FM radio
  • Curtains on all windows
  • Interior 12v lighting
  • Dual 12v battery system
  • 240v mains campground hookup
  • Storage space under bench seats
  • Power steering
  • ABS brakes
  • Air conditioning in the cabin
  • Self-contained (suitable for Freedom Camping)
Included with your campervan
  • Duvet, pillows, and sheets
  • Towels and tea towel
  • All cutlery and dinnerware
  • Kitchen equipment and utensils
  • Bucket and cleaning equipment
  • Unlimited kilometres
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Airport shuttle transfers
When space is everything! Our JUCY Condo is a roomy, self-contained camper that sleeps 4.
Vehicle Toyota Hiace or Nissan Caravan
Seats 5 x seatbelts
Sleeps 4 (2 double beds)
Fitout Custom built interior 2016 or newer
Luggage 3 large, 4 small
Engine size 2 litre
Fuel tank 65 litres
Fuel type Petrol and diesel options
Transmission: Automatic
Power supply 240v mains, 12v dual battery system
Length 4.7m
Width 1.7m
Height 3m
Interior height 1.92m
Bed 1 Double bed 1.88m x 1.35m
Bed 2 Roof bed 1.98m x 1.35m
Certification Self-contained
Floor plans
AU Condo Day
AU Condo Night Lower
AU Condo Night Upper
Risk Taker Stress Free Stress Free Plus
Cost per day $0 $40 $55
AA 24/7 breakdown assistance
Glass & tyre cover
Front/Back/Side panel damage
Single vehicle rollover damage
Roof/Rooftop pod & underbody damage
Table & Chairs
Additional driver
Claims administration fee $75 $0 $0
Bond required* $5000 $0 $0

*If using a debit card, a $300 security bond is required even with Stress Free & Stress Free Plus.



  • For hires of 51 days and over, a maximum of 50 days excess reduction premium will be charged.
  • It is your responsibility to collect accurate third party details in the event of an accident, regardless of what excess reduction cover you have taken, and regardless also of fault.
  • If Stress Free Plus excess reduction is not taken, and roof/rooftop pod damage or single vehicle rollover incident occurs, a charge of up to $5,000 will apply to cover damage to the JUCY vehicle and any third party vehicle and/or property.
  • If Risk Taker excess reduction is chosen:
    • A bond to cover the excess will be pre-authorised for security on the hirer’s credit card, even if you have alternative insurance with another provider. 
    • All or part of this bond will be claimed by JUCY in the event of an accident and will be retained until the value of the damage is determined. Any balance between the bond and the damage cost will be returned as soon as is practical.
    • Any costs to repair damage caused by a third party may not be recoverable as insurance is not compulsory in Australia.
  • If you are on Stress Free or Stress Free plus and don't have a credit card and are providing a debit card at the time of pickup, JUCY will hold a $300 security bond to cover any infringements and/or charges that may occur whilst on hire e.g. Tolls, speeding fines, cleaning fees, camping fines etc. 
  • JUCY’s excess reduction options are null and void if any of the Rental Agreement terms and conditions are breached, in which case you will be liable for the full cost of damage. For more information please see JUCY Ts & Cs.
  • Please know that the bond we have authorized will automatically be released (if you haven't broken any JUCY T&Cs) either 7 days after you've picked up or 48 hours after you've dropped off– whichever is the earliest. You could notice it takes between 7 - 30 business days to show back up, which is all depending on your bank/card provider.  Please note that once it's back safely in your bank it won't appear as a refund on your statement because it was only held as an authorisation. 

Other camper options

The best of both worlds in a JUCY Condo

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? And stand tall, as our JUCY Condo has been custom-fit so you can walk around freely. One of our original campers, we wanted to design a vehicle with height, without the bulk of an RV. We did this by custom-fitting minivans, adding height and a comfy roof bed. So, you get the ease of driving a smaller vehicle (great for city parking) and the bonus of space. Kinda perfect, huh?

Of course, we didn’t just stop at a roof bed! We also added a compact kitchen, 80-litre fridge, inside and outside tables, and storage space. Our 4-berth campervan sleeps... well... four! The Condo magics to a night-time cocoon, with one of the beds cleverly formed from the 2 bench seats merging - #winning!

While you have the option to free camp, thanks to the Condo’s fully self-contained status, you may want to head to a campground to hook up to a power supply. Great for any digital nomads out there! There’s also a USB port to ensure your phone is fully charged for photos of Australia’s epic scenery and wandering wildlife.

If the Condo sounds like you, give us a call on 1800 150 850 or book online. You can also find a ton of itineraries and travel tips on our Get Inspired pages.

Where to Go in our Super-Cool 4-berth Campervan?

Australia is big. No, huge. No, still sounds too small - gigantic? If Australia was considered an island instead of a continent, it would be the world’s largest (it’s four times larger than Greenland, the official world’s largest island). Australia is also one of the world’s most desirable travel destinations. Which makes planning a road trip here a bit daunting! Good job you have us – one of Australia’s leading campervan hire companies, with 20 years' experience to boot – to guide you.

Here are some of our fave trips to take in a JUCY Condo:

Explore More: Take a 10-Day East Victoria Camper Roadie

We love weekend stays in Melbourne and jaunts along the Great Ocean Road, but honestly, the part of Victoria that gets us most excited is out east. That’s why we have this epic 10-day East VIC itinerary to entice.

Your epic adventure starts at either our Melbourne Airport or Melbourne City branch and offers a plethora of travel highlights. Like awwing over penguins on Phillip Island or heading to Wilson’s Prom, where dunes, rainforest, and stunning beaches wow. Gippsland Lake also impresses, be it the expansive beaches, lakeside activities, or delectable eats.

 Coastal Dreams Come True from Brisbane to 1770

A JUCY fave, our northbound Brisbane to 1770 7-day itinerary gets you a slice of a lot of cool cake. And by cake, we mean all the yummy goodness you’d expect to find on this stretch of the Queensland coast.

Like an on-foot meander through the famed Noosa National Park or a kayak through the Noosa Everglades. Or experience the best of the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef from 1770. And don’t miss whale watching in Hervey Bay or watching dingoes (from a safe distance wander K’Gari (Fraser Island). Experience this jam-packed mega-adventure with your besties, your fam, or your plus one in our awesome JUCY Condo.

 Cruise the Legendary Pacific Highway from Sydney to Byron Bay

Explore one of Australia’s most iconic road trip routes – the incredible Pacific Highway. Collecting your JUCY Condo from our Sydney Airport branch (ask us about our free airport shuttle bus), you’ll cruise north to the equally iconic Byron Bay. 

Of course, all the places in-between entice. Lift your soul on the 8km Bouddi Coastal Walk and let it soar on a jet-boating adventure on Lake Macquarie. Realllllly let it fly on a Hunter Valley hot air balloon ride! There are national parks galore on this route, from Crowdy Bay to the millions-of-years-old Dorrigo National Park. We could go on, or you could read our full itinerary here.

Foraging in the Forest: NSW’s Best National Parks

Fancy exploring all 200 of New South Wales’ national parks? Might be a bit much for your camper vacay, no? Instead, you can read our blog, where we highlight our top six picks!

We love Barrington Tops because we feel so sprightly against the 290-million-year-old geological and natural wonders that await! Camping under the stars at Warrumbungle takes any campervan adventure to the next level (just you wait and see!). Plus, we share top must-dos in the Blue Mountains, Mungo, Mt Kosciuszko and Eurobodalla National Parks. Whether you choose to visit one or road trip between all six is up to you! Just tag us #jucyworld as you travel so we can live vicariously through you (from our JUCY HQ desks!). 

A Road Trip to Remember: Cairns to Sydney

Ready for a road trip for the records Whether you’re taking a vacay from work, are on a long sabbatical, or you’re living the digital nomad life and can work from ‘home’ (and by home, we mean your JUCY home on wheels), our wow-worthy Cairns to Sydney itinerary is one to remember! We also offer one-way trips (for a reasonable fee), so you can pick up in our Cairns branch and drop off in Sydney (or vice versa). Sweet!

Lush national parks, spectacular waterfalls, beaches filled with wildlife, and cool coastal towns await. Our highlights? Waking to the sounds of ‘roos grabbing a spot of brekkie outside your campervan at sunrise in Mackay is up there. As is soaking in Noosa’s Fairy Pools after hiking the national park. And experiencing the mellow vibes of Byron Bay (and all their healthy eateries!) while looking to spot a Hemsworth. So. Much. Fun! Got room for a small one?

Okay, maybe not room for one of us here at JUCY, but our 4-berth campervan means you can enjoy any of these roadies with three mates, your funny fam, or even in convoy with the whole crew! To book your camper, call us on 1800 150 850 or fill your deets in the booking box above!

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