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Campervan Deals & Bonus Offers in Australia

Camper Promotions

20% discount off the daily rate for all campervans and all locations around AU (excl. Cairns drop-off).

Camper Relocation Deals

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Oh, snap! It looks like we’re out of hot deals right now

(you have to be quick around here).

Bookmark this page and check back soon, as we’re always working hard to find you the JUCYest savings in Australia.

Why not browse our campervan range while you’re waiting?


Your JUCY keys open up more than just your vehicle, they open up a whole world of deals with our awesome brand partners. Check out this link to see how your JUCY adventure in Australia can get even sweeter with added value on your accommodation, activities and more!

Sweet and JUCY Australian travel deals

Just when you thought life couldn’t get any sweeter, you find our campervan deal page! It’s like the time your Grannie gave you $10 to go buy chocolate when you were five 

Our sweet deals won’t make your waistline expand or your dentist unhappy. Nope. We’re giving you travel savings and specials to sweeten your Australian roadie. Who doesn’t love a little treat for being awesome? It’s why you got that tenner from your Grannie, after all.  

The candy-coated pricing on our relocation deals is the sweetener you need to say ‘heck yes’ to that Australian road trip you’ve been dreaming of. If you don’t think rates from $1 a day, plus unlimited mileage is a better rush than eating a whole a bag of chocolate frogs from Haighs, we can’t help ya!  

We’re kinda like Willy Wonka; we’re not just handing out one golden ticket. In fact, keep checking here as we regularly have travel deals to entice you see more of Australia. Campground offers, activity discounts, and flash sales all await 

When you see a deal that looks delicious enough to eat, click right away. Our offers move as fast as chocolate melts on a hot Aussie day.  

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