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Exploring South Australia: Eyre Peninsula to Kangaroo Island


South Australia is home to the country’s best oysters, curious marine life, and some of the best coastal road tripping.

In 10 days you can easily cover the best of South Australia, from Adelaide out to the Eyre Peninsula and then back to Kangaroo Island. It’s not linear, but with plenty of small seaside towns where you can stop along the way, you’ll never get sick of driving.

Here is our recommended road trip itinerary for discovering South Australia.


400 kilometres - 4 hours 15 minutes

Head out of Adelaide and northeast to Whyalla. This is a four-hour drive, so stopping in Whyalla mostly serves to break up the trip from Adelaide to the Eyre Peninsula.

Stop halfway in Melrose, this quaint town (aka village) sits at the bottom of Mount Remarkable National Park and is the perfect spot for a coffee at quirky Over The Edge bike shop come coffee spot. Got some energy to burn? Head into Mount Remarkable National Park and get yourself on one of the many hiking trails, one of our faves is the Summit Loop - 5 hours return will offer you epic views over the park and surrounding area. If you're lucky enough to be there in spring, you'll be treated to views of bright yellow rapeseed crop fields - stunning!

What to do in Whyalla:


260 kilometres - 3 hours

Start making your way down the coast to Port Lincoln. The drive takes roughly three hours, but it’s a good idea to break up the trip with plenty of stops in the small seaside towns along the way.

What to do on the way to Port Lincoln:

What to do in Port Lincoln:

Stay at the Port Lincoln Tourist park for beautiful views of the national park from across the water, or for a wilder experience check out Memory Cove Campground in the national park. Just note that there is limited access to this campground, so you'll need to book in advance.

Girl taking photo on a tree lined road with a JUCY campervan


650 kilometres - 7 hours

To get to Kangaroo Island from the Eyre Peninsula, you'll need to pass back through Adelaide. It's a seven-hour drive all the way back to Adelaide, so make sure you're well rested before upping sticks and putting Port Lincoln behind you. You always have the option of breaking up the journey on the way back, with another night in a seaside town. You can relax in Adelaide and enjoy an evening of excellent dining and lively nightlife to help you rejuvenate before carrying on to Kangaroo Island.

What to do in Adelaide if you have extra time:


200 kilometres - 4 hours

Drive one and a half hours south of Adelaide to Cape Jervis. From here you’ll catch the ferry across to Kangaroo Island. The ferry crossing takes about 45 minutes.

Kangaroo Island is appropriately named - roughly a third of the pristine island is protected, and the rest is like a fenceless zoo. There are kangaroos aplenty, as well as lots of other native flora and fauna.

What to do on Kangaroo Island:


Catch the ferry back to Cape Jervis and make your way back to Adelaide. You can stop along the Fleurieu Peninsula to prolong the trip back, or head straight back to the JUCY branch!



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