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JUCY launches ‘Find Your Happy’


Shotover, a creative content and production agency, has collaborated with rental brand JUCY to launch a new campaign that is committed to assisting the intrepid traveler within.

“JUCY has gone through a period of positive evolution so we needed a brand position that reflected where the company is now,” says JUCY CEO, Dan Alpe.

“We’ve been through a lot of change and we needed to ensure any lingering consumer perceptions based on where we’ve come from were addressed so people understand the type of company we are today. Our core values haven’t changed but we’ve come a long way from the early days and we’ve evolved from the plucky challenger brand, catering for the backpacker market to a mature, established, and expert operator that is extremely capable of giving our customers the green light to find their happy.”

JUCY Digital Marketing Specialist, Sean Towson, says after engaging a number of agencies in Auckland, it was clear Shotover was the best option to tell the story of the new brand position.

“The Shotover team’s legacy of quality travel and tourism work along with their Auckland and Queenstown presence gave us the flexibility to seamlessly collaborate and capture content across the country while maintaining a small footprint, and the result is incredible.”

James Perry, Shotover MD says: “We couldn’t have been more excited when the team at JUCY approached us to help them tell the story of JUCY’s brand evolution.”

“Our years of experience in the vibrant travel and tourism-focussed market of Queenstown meant we knew we were perfectly positioned to help JUCY tell the story in a way that was highly creative and engaging while conveying the core messaging of JUCY’s evolution as an organisation and its mission. It’s fantastic that, since the recent launch of our new Parnell Studio, we’re now able to seamlessly collaborate with Auckland-based brands like JUCY, while offering the flexibility to capture incredible content nationwide with extreme flexibility.”

About the creative execution, Shotover Director/DOP, Pete Whittaker says: “To bring Jucy’s story to life on screen, we wanted to hear the story directly from Dan and then weave in over 15 years of archival footage whilst also shooting extensive content of the new branding. This meant production took place simultaneously across 2 units in Queenstown and Auckland. One of the biggest challenges was finding the right campsite that would be quiet enough in the middle of summer. After an extensive location scout, we actually opted for some private land and brought in Art Director, Lydia Perez, to help build an awesome set that laid the right tone for the JUCY story.”

The integrated campaign has launched in Australia and New Zealand across social and online.



Client: JUCY

CEO: Dan Alpe

Digital Marketing Specialist: Sean Towson

Creative Agency: Shotover

MD/Strategist: James Perry

Head of Digital & Marketing: Jason McKay Williams

Production Company: Shotover

Director/DOP: Pete Whittaker

South Island DOP: Zyanya Jackson

Editor: Floriane Caillot

Art Director: Lydia Perez

Production/Editor Assistant: Millie Ketchley

Camera Operator: Ash Walton 


Originally published on Stoppress NZ

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