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The Small Hatch Car Hire

If hiring a small car is a priority  - either to keep trip costs down or your on-the-road footprint tiny - consider our small hatch vehicles. You won’t be alone – it’s one of our most popular car categories!  

Our small hatch car is a petite, automatic, 5-door hatch to whisk you from A-to-B. Whether you’re navigating a cityscape, going for a little adventure on the mountains, planning a north-to-south journey, or using it as a run-around while visiting family and friends, it’s a fun ride!  

Do book early, though, as these small rental cars get locked in quickly thanks to their great pricing and size.

Key Features
ABS brakes
CD player and FM radio
Air conditioning
5x seatbelts
Power steering
Included with the vehicle
  • Unlimited kilometres
  • AA breakdown assistance

Other car options

Small Hatch
Small Hatch
When size, style, and cost are important, hire our compact Small Hatch.
Compact SUV
Compact SUV
Hire our slick Compact SUV for a roomy, sporty, great value trip around New Zealand.

Explore New Zealand in our small hatch cars

Maybe you like to keep your petrol costs down. Maybe you’re a fan of hiring a small car, so you don’t have to worry about the vehicle size on the road. Maybe you just love Suzuki Swifts. Whatever your reasons, you can’t go wrong with our Small Hatch cars.  

The Small Hatch size is a winner for its fuel economy, ability to navigate narrow country roads, and for that moment when there’s only one tiny parking space available outside that popular coffee shop.  

Added to that is the fact that you’re not scrimping on features. You’ve still got power steering, airbags, A/C, and the ease of central locking (who wants to turn a key these days, anyway?).  The stereo will play one of New Zealand’s 28 FM stations or pop a CD in if you’ve time travelled here from 1998.   

While there are five seatbelts, unless you’re all travelling light or you are basing yourself in one place, you might want to limit how many people ride with you. The boot is reasonably small (it’s a small car, after all) so keep that in mind when you’re making your booking.

Whatever your reason for hiring a small car, we’re on board to support you! Book online, or call our friendly crew on 0800 399 736. 

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