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What to pack for the ultimate kiwi road trip


Heading out on your first campervan trip from one of our three rental locations Auckland, Christchurch or Queenstown and don't know what to pack? Check out this list all of the essential things to take on an nz campervan road trip.

Softshell bags

Leave the suitcases at home. if you're travelling in a campervan especially, backpacks and soft shell bags are the way to go. Storage is limited in a campervan, so giant suitcases won't work. Soft bags are much more efficient when it comes to storage.

The essentials

What to take for the kitchen

JUCY campervans all have a fully-equipped kitchen. That means you will have a chopping board, sharp knife, cutlery, kettle, cups, glasses, tea towels and even a vegetable peeler. All you need to bring is everything you want to eat.

Girl cooking in campervan


Towels are included in the linen pack that comes with your JUCY campervan, so you just need to take a beach towel if you need one, plus your shower kit. 

Electronics you'll need

Man opening campervan door

Handy bits and bobs

Health and safety stuff


Now you know what to pack for a road trip, all you need is a campervan!  BOOK YOURS TODAY



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