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Top 6 National Parks in New South Wales  COVER

7 day local car road trip itinerary from Sydney

Road trip New South Wales like a local with our 7-day car rental itinerary from Sydney 


A New South Wales road trip is the perfect getaway for adventure seekers all year round. There are so many places nearby for a day-trip, overnight escape, or a longer adventure. This incredible state is home to some of Australia’s most stunning beaches, staggering mountain ranges, and splendid natural treasures.

If all of the above sounds like what you’re looking for, book a cheap car rental with JUCY Sydney to get out and love New South Wales!  This car rental itinerary is of course flexible but highlights some of the best spots to see near Sydney on a 7-day road trip. If you’re ready to seek adventure, then read on!


Day 1: Pick up your JUCY car rental and explore Sydney

If you’re flying into NSW you will most likely start your journey in Australia’s largest city, Sydney. This city combines buzzing city life as well as some of the best beaches and landscapes in the country. 

We suggest picking up your JUCY Sydney car hire and spend a night staying at the central, Cremorne Point Manor when you arrive. This boutique hostel has free parking and is 5 minutes’ walk from a ferry port directly across from Darling Harbour, providing ample access to explore the city. 

When you’re in the city there are a few must-do things in Sydney. We suggest starting at the famous Sydney Opera House to explore the surrounding areas including the awesome restaurants, museums, and views of the Sydney . 

For the best view of both the famous Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, you must visit a location known as Mrs which provides arguably Australia's most iconic backdrop.  

If you’re looking for more of a coastal vibe, head out in your JUCY car rental to the Bondi area where you will be greeted with a variety of gems including; Bondi Beach, Bronte Beach, and Coogee Beach (there’s even a walk that connects them all together). This area is home to some spots guaranteed to rack up the likes on your Insta posts, most notably Bondi IcebergsHor, and Dudley Page Reserve



Day 2: Road trip from Sydney to Newcastle

163km / 2.5 hours 

Once you've explored Sydney, you can escape the hustle and bustle to see some of the most pristine coastlines in the world. On this leg of the journey, you are going to want to head to an area known as Anna Bay. This sleepy coastal region is approximately a 2.5-hour drive from Sydney and is often missed by many tourists. Tomaree and the Stockton Sand Dunes in the Port Stephens region are some of the other main reasons you will want to make the drive up here. These locations include some of the most incredible landscapes you will see on a road trip in Australia. Tomaree’s viewpoint provides a dynamic view of two separate beaches located on either side of the land, with golden sands and crystal clear water beneath your eyes. The walk to the summit takes only 30 minutes, making it accessible for everyone.

After you descend back down, jump in your JUCY car rental and head on a short drive down the road to the Stockton Sand Dunes. These sand dunes are the largest in the southern hemisphere and spread across 32 kilometers. You can walk across the dunes and get some epic shots, or if you’re feeling adventurous you could do a horse ride or drive a quad bike. You have plenty of AirBnb’s available in this region so stop in at one after your visit to the dunes before heading inland with your car rental to the Blue Mountains.   



Day 3, 4 & 5: Road trip from Newcastle to the Glass House Mountains (Katoomba)  

238km / 3 hours 

The Blue Mountains are one of Australia’s most popular regions for tourists, and it's not hard to see why. Incredible ranges, peaceful hikes, tasty food, elegant accommodation and an abundance of interactive attractions are what you can expect on your visit.

If you’re looking for the views that will take your breath away when hiking the Blue Mountains, here are our top threeKanangraLincoln's Rocks and Echo Points (there are plenty more if you have time, but these are the must-sees).

A unique attraction and something you can put on your travel resume is riding ‘The Worlds Steepest Railway’ at Scenic World. This park contains a railway with an incline of 52 degrees and is an absolute thrill to ride. Along with this, you also can ride a cable car that takes you out over the mountains and dangles you for a few minutes (it’s not as scary as it sounds don’t worry. If you’ve got some energy to burn and feel like getting your legs moving there are two main hiking options, if you’re wanting an easy walk then the Ruined Castle is for you, but if you’re wanting a real challenge then tackle the Grand Canyon. The Blue Mountains really is one of the most beautiful places in the world and one you shouldn’t miss on your car hire from Sydney.



Day 6 & 7: Wollongong & Royal National Park

165km / 2 hours  

On your way back to Sydney to return your JUCY car hire make sure you take the long road and stop in at some of the locations south of the big smoke. If you have the time you can even stay overnight in Wollongong. There are two locations that you need to make sure you see here, one is a winding bridge over the crashing waves of the ocean, and another is a scenic boardwalk heading towards a twin waterfall that trickles into the ocean. The first is known as Sea Cliff Bridge and this is a drive you will remember forever. The bridge is visually magnificent, with the surrounding landscape making you feel like you're driving your car in a fantasy world. There’s also a secret lookout that can be found by cutting through the bushes on your left near the parking lot that will provide you with a different perspective of the bridge.

Continuing north you will eventually see signs for the Royal National Park. Turn off at these and follow the signs to Wattamolla where you will begin a coastal boardwalk leading to two locations known as Eagle Rock (you’ll see why it has the name) and Curracurrong. You’ll be treated to some epic views of the waves crashing, jagged rock formations, and a twin waterfall.



Day 7: Drive back to Sydney 

107km / 1 hour 20 

This wraps up the thrilling New South Wales car hire itinerary and unfortunately brings an end to the car rental road trip. If you’ve got more time you could stay in Sydney for a few days at the end of your journey as there are an abundance of attractions and cultural activities to check out. If you’re looking for a Sydney car hire, then a JUCY Sydney  is the best way to ensure you have a spacious and reliable vehicle that enables you to maximize your time. Enjoy exploring this beautiful area of the world and stay safe road trippers!




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