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Extend Your St Paddy’s Day Celebrations with our 5-for-3 day Campervan Deal!

Forget 1-day St Patrick’s Day celebrations. Enjoy a St Paddy’s Day campervan road trip with five days for the price of three!

At JUCY, we’re all about giving you the green light. Whether it’s the green light for the campervan adventure of a lifetime, a chance to road trip and reunite with your nearest and dearest, or... to bend the rules when the opportunity arises, that’s up to you.

The opportunity is here, peeps!


Book a JUCY campervan for a minimum of five days and get two free days

BOOK OUR 5-for-3 DEAL now! 


Who made St Paddy’s Day a one-day event? And not even a holiday? Grrr, this makes us mad (maybe just a little) that an occasion dedicated to happiness, merriment, a lot of shenanigans, and something about an Irish saint is only a short affair!

Not with JUCY, it isn’t!

We’re offering an amazeballs opportunity to bend the rules and make your St Patrick’s Day a 5-day celebration! And, in the spirit of the luck of the Irish, you’ll only pay for three days! Yup. Book a 5-day campervan road trip and pay for only three days!

Until the 17th of March 2022, every 5-day campervan booking automatically gets two FREE extra days. Even if you book a 7-day, 2-week, or 1-month roadie, you’ll get those two bonus days deducted from your booking. Score! (Soz, if your booking is under 5-days, this deal does not apply. So, you might as well ask the boss for a vacay and book for five days, right?)

That’s five days to tick off the best one-day hikes in the South Island. Or five days to Zen out with our top wellness days out of Auckland. And five magical days to travel from Christchurch to Wanaka. Or maybe book three times and experience all three? Our St Paddy’s Day deal includes travel from the 1st of March to the 7th of April, so it’s not impossible!

Ready to enjoy five days of St Paddy’s Day craic? We’ve got the wheels and the deal; you just need to decide where to go (we’ve got loads of campervan itinerary tips)!

BOOK now or contact our crew TO LOCK IN YOUR ST PADDY'S DAY ROADIE!


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