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No More Waiting: Road Trip Now! Book Now, Pay Later with Afterpay for Your JUCY Car Rentals and Camper Road Trip.

Forget FOMO when your mates go on a road trip. You can now book now, pay later with Afterpay for your JUCY camper hire and car rental road trips!

Ready to go explore, but the bank balance says no? Sick of saving up for a road trip and missing out on the spontaneous vacays your mates are taking? Thanks to JUCY and Afterpay partnering up, you can book now and pay later for your Australian travels! Woohoo! 

How Afterpay Works

Book Your Epic JUCY Camper rental or Car Hire Road Trip & Pay Later Using Afterpay

Part of the JUCY philosophy is to take a spontaneous right turn when the opportunity presents itself. It’s how we have made our business a 20-year success. If you’re like us, you’ll know that life’s great adventures are not always planned and that saying “yes” can lead us to the best adventures of all.  

We’ve all been there, though: those times when we’ve had to say “no” because we were strapped for cash. That time we sadly waved our friends off on a road trip to Rainbow Serpent Festival, so, so, wishing we could go. Or that long boring summer when we were saving for a one-week vacay while our friends waltzed around Europe on their gap year.  

Well, don’t worry; we’ve got you! We’re now accepting Afterpay! If you’re ready to say “yes” to a spontaneous right turn, know we’re backing you all the way! 

Afterpay a Road Trip? Really?  

Yes, really! Thanks to the folks at Afterpay, you can book now, pay later for your JUCY car rental or camper hire.  

You probs already know this, but if this is your first foray into the world of Afterpay, Afterpay lets customers pay for something upfront, then pay it off every two weeks in four equal instalments. 
So, like a loan?  

Nope, because with Afterpay, you NEVER pay interest (though you may be charged a fee if you don’t pay on time, so don’t be that person)! No interest, ever? Whoa!  

So How Do I Actually Do This?  

You’ll start like you usually do with us. Check out which of our camper or car hire ranges you’d like to rent. Deciding which of our epic itineraries you’d like to do. Make a call on whether it’s a long weekend getaway or a long trip from Cairns to Sydney.. 

Whatever kind of road trip you’d like, you can now Afterpay it and make your travel dreams a reality way faster. Forget saving for your Queensland outback car roadie or selling your kick-ass kicks so you can head away with your mates in a camper to that festival. With Afterpay and JUCY, you can get on your way as soon as you like – and all without the financial burden of additional interest (because, eugh, interest, so boomer).  

Make your booking on the JUCY website like usual for bookings that are $2000 or less (click that BOOK NOW button as soon as you finish reading this). When you get to the payment page, choose the Afterpay option. You’ll then need to start an Afterpay account or log in to your existing one for instant decision approval (yay, they don’t like waiting either!).  

Does it cost me anything to use Afterpay? 

Besides your JUCY booking costs, you’ll only have to cough up extra cash to Afterpay if you don’t make any of your four payment instalments on time. Your first payment will come off your credit or debit card at the time of choosing Afterpay (at the JUCY booking payment stage). Then the other payments will come two, four, and six weeks after that. Too easy. If you miss or are late with a payment, Afterpay will charge a late fee.  

Find out more about that in Afterpay’s terms of service here 

Do Afterpay run a credit check or anything like that?  

Nope, having an Afterpay account won’t affect your credit rating at all! They’ll ask for your email, phone number, address, DOB, and debit/credit card deets. That’s it. It’s like a bank had a baby with your cool aunty who likes to give you treats because you’re always respectful. You respect the Afterpay system, you’ll be rewarded with cool opportunities to be spontaneous (like this one). Plus, every on-time payment you make helps your Afterpay smart limit increase.  

There are criteria for every purchase on Afterpay (for instance, you need to be an Australian resident). Still, as they run their checks instantly, you’ll know instantly if you can pay for your JUCY road trip with Afterpay. Too easy!  

How do I know where I am up to with my Afterpay payments? 

Luckily the crew at Afterpay know that your brains are likely overloaded with trip planning, playlist making, and itinerary tweaking when you have a road trip coming up. You can manage all your payments online via your Afterpay account dashboard. Head to the Apple Store or Google Play to get the Afterpay app, as that’s the easiest way to manage your account. 

Alternatively, you can access your account via the Afterpay website. Afterpay send handy reminders when your payments are due, so you don’t have to stress about anything, except which road trip snacks you’re going to fill the glove compartment with (it’s an important decision, ask any hangry driver!).  

Is this making you feel like there is a higher power? And the universe does have your back? And that you may actually be able to go away with your mates or your fam thanks to this book now, pay later car rental and camper hire opportunity? Squee!  

Sounds great. What if I want to cancel or amend my JUCY booking after I've selected Afterpay, though?  

Also easy! If you cancel, we’ll process a full refund as long as you’re within the cancellation policy dates as explained in our cancellation policy here. When we do this, it is automatically updated on your Afterpay dashboard. 

If you amend your booking and the price changes, you'll see the relevant price change in your future payment amounts. In case of an increase in the booking value, the difference in price will have to be paid directly to JUCY using your debit or credit card and not via Afterpay! It’s all very straightforward.  

Sign me up. One more question, can I do more than one JUCY road trip with Afterpay? 

Yes! The more you use Afterpay (and make on-time payments), the more your Afterpay limit goes up. This makes it super easy to commit to more cool road trips with your fam, your mates, and your S/O. 

Book now, pay later car rental to see the fam? Hell yeah! Want to Afterpay camper rental roadies with your mates? Awesome, let’s go!  

It’s never been easier to be spontaneous and book a JUCY roadie! Thanks to Afterpay, you are road trip ready in seconds, with six weeks to pay off the cost of your campervan or car hire roadie. 

It’s the ultimate road trip freedom! 

Want other financially savvy travel tips? Read this handy budget-friendly road trip guide

Sign me up! If you’re ready to say yes to a spontaneous right turn (wherever it may take you), then click the Book Now button below. Select the Afterpay option when you get to the payment page.  


Book now, pay later with Afterpay! 




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